Code of Ethics


Adopted by the CHC’s Board of Directors on August 22, 1999

1. First and foremost, I follow the laws regarding falconry.

2. I do not keep raptors unless I fly them free during the hunting season.

3. If I no longer intend to fly a bird I will transfer my bird to another code-following falconer, or I will release the bird only if it is actively proving itself in the field.

4. I do not draw undue attention to my birds.

5. I keep my birds, mews, and equipment in top condition.

6. I do everything in my power to recover a lost bird, and to bring a sick raptor back to health.

7. If I am training an “apprentice” falconer, I will only advance them to “general” falconer if they follow the code.

Falconer’s Field Ethics

General Rules

Do not feed your bird in the presence of other raptors.

Hide all food from view of any raptor.

Perch your bird so it cannot accidentally come in contact with another bird.

Do not hunt near the weathering area.

Do not stand behind or next to a falconer’s bird unless the falconer okays it.

Get permission to closely approach a perched bird.

Report any falconry equipment that is damaged or broken to the falconer immediately.

Hunting Property Rules

Always get permission to hunt on private property

Give owner your name and contact information.

Leave property in the condition you found it: i.e., close gates, do not leave trash, etc.

Report any abnormalities you may notice: i.e., injured livestock, down fence, etc.

Get permission for the use of dogs or firearms.

Ask how many vehicles, people may come in at a time.

Let the landowner know the dates and times you will be on his property.

If you are a guest of a falconer on private property, respect his agreement with the landowner by only coming with him or get your own permission from the landowner.

Hunting in Groups Rules

When several falconers are hunting together agree on who will go first, how you will divide the allotted time (by time or kills).

If a bird is not hunting or following, bring the bird down so another falconer can hunt.

All falconers in the group should stay until all birds have hunted. It is wrong to leave after your bird is done and not help the others.

The falconer that is flying is in control of the pace and direction of the hunt.

The falconer that is flying should tell all present his particular way of hunting: i.e, walking distance from falconer, when to pull vines, if, when and who is to shoot marbles, when to approach hawk on game.

If another falconer wants to join your group politely tell them your group is full.