About GFA


The Georgia Falconry Association promotes and supports scientific studies, educational programs, and practices which are directed towards the conservation of raptors as a species and the preservation of falconry as a field sport. The Association publishes a newsletter entitled The Blue Darter; as well as periodic notices for upcoming events.

The Association hosts an Annual Field Meet in January, a Trapping Seminar in August and an Annual Picnic in September. The general membership is invited to participate in these events and to attend any business meetings of the Association held during the year. Programs of interest to beginning and experienced falconers is presented at these meetings utilizing guest speakers and GFA members. The Association welcomes persons interested in falconry and raptors. Applicants for membership that are not licensed falconers may join as an Affiliate.

Yearly membership dues are as follows:

Apprentice (Licensed Apprentice Falconer): $25.00

General (Licensed General or Master Falconer): $25.00

Affiliate (Non-Falconer): $25.00

Family (More than one licensed falconer in the family): $35.00

Membership dues are due and payable on January 1st of each year.

Click HERE for a printable New Member/Renewal form

Along with this web site, the Georgia Falconry Association Facebook group is a primary channel of communication with members. Once you become a GFA member, it is recommended you request to join this GFA-members-only group.

Annual membership dues-Single Membership

Annual dues for a single Apprentice, General or Affiliate membership.


Annual membership dues-Family Membership

Annual dues for a family membership, more than one falconer in a family.